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Industrial Scouring Pads Polishing Pads

1, elastic grinding, industrial scouring pad , can prevent excessive cuttingand scratching the surface 2, cold cuts, unique structures for efficient cooling, avoid workpiece deformation and discoloration due to overheating in the process; 3, industrial scouring pad protection plug, water resistant, oil resistant; 4, selfsharpening grinding, grinding process of fiber continuous loss,natural formation of ore continuously new grinding, artifact provides consistent quality; Industrial scouring pad is mainly used in metal, wood and other surfacecoating materials, cleaning, polishing, rust, deburring machine maintenanceand cleaning, high quality decorative linear processing jobs.
Product Details:


 Very Fine Grade Abrasive Sanding Hand Pads 7447C


 Sanding, deburring, cleaning, finishing, surface preparation & polishing on metal, wood, painted surfaces, and plastic. 


 Double Rabbit

 Model No.:



 Hand Pad


 230 mm


 145 mm


 8 mm


 Very Fine (Medium Duty)

 Mineral Type:

 Aluminum Oxide


 Non-Woven Nylon/Polyester Fiber




 60 Pads per Case for Abrasive Sanding Hand Pads


 60 Pads



 Payment Terms:

 T/T, L/C, Western Union, Paypal

1, elastic grinding, industrial scouring pad , can prevent excessive cuttingand scratching the surface

2, cold cuts, unique structures for efficient cooling, avoid workpiece deformation and discoloration due to overheating in the process;

3, industrial scouring pad protection plug, water resistant, oil resistant;

4, selfsharpening grinding, grinding process of fiber continuous loss,natural formation of ore continuously new grinding, artifact provides consistent quality;

Industrial scouring pad is mainly used in metal, wood and other surfacecoating materials, cleaning, polishing, rust, deburring machine maintenanceand cleaning, high quality decorative linear processing jobs.


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